My Favorite Recipes Using the Ninja Blender

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A few weeks ago, I just got my brand new Ninja Ultima blender, and it is my new favorite appliance in the kitchen, to say the least.

Ice Test

The first thing I did when I got it out of the box is to do the ice test. Ninja claims that it has the ability to turn ice into a pile of snow. And being the big skier that I am, I wanted to fill my yard with snow (just kidding!).

However, I have used many blenders in the past, and many of them do not chop or crush ice, they simply sculpt it down so that when I’m drinking my smoothie I have nicely carved ice balls in my drink – NOT appetizing!

I filled the Ninja about half way with the ice and hit the “3″ button – which is the top speed. I was surprised at how well the blender was able to crust the ice. Test passed!

Here are some of my favorite recipes that I make regularly:

1. Banana Peanut Butter Milkshake

Place 1-2 bananas and 1/2 cup of ice into the container, or 1 banana for the single serve with 1/4 cup ice. Fill half way with almond milk (or regular milk you prefer). I will also add a scoop of peanut butter. Delicious!

2. Veggie and Banana Milkshake

Let’s face it – most of us do not get their fair share of vegetables. The Ninja makes getting all of your veggies a breeze!

I use a handful of spinach, a few kale leafs, and apple and 1-2 bananas. I also add leaf lettuce if I have it. Add milk or almond milk (it sounds gross, but trust me), and top off with water. Last, add ice and peanut butter; because as you know, peanut butter is awesome.

The peanut butter and banana will take over the flavor of the vegetables. Though the smoothie/milkshake looks bright green due to all the vegetables, the shake will taste like banana and peanut butter and the apple will sweeten it up a little bit.

The Ninja makes it easy to get all of your nutrition, because you will be getting the nutrients, AND the Fiber! Remember how important fiber is when you took your health classes people! Remember to stay regular!

Other tips:

* You can blend whole nuts including peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc.

* I add dried fruit on occasion if I have them available

* As your vegetables start getting older and you have some left over in the fridge – throw them into you smoothie as to not be wasteful.

* Add fruits, nuts, and cinnamon to sweeten the bitterness of vegetables.

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Best -

Nate Rio

Top Diet Explained With Amazing Results

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Here is a video we found related to diets and weight loss with amazing results.

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 Diet Video



Please watch this video and let us know your results! You can also learn more about the Ninja Blender by viewing the informercial listed below, as well as get the best deals to purchase the Ninja for your home.

Ninja Kitchen 90 Second Commercial

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Here is the official Commercial on the Ninja Kitchen. It is a quick video that explains how the blender works and how it will be one of your favorite new home appliances.

You can also watch the full infomercial below to see the blender in action!

The Ninja Blender and Appliance Line

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The Ninja brand is a major player in the home appliance industry, creating a variety of counter top food processing tools, as well as top of the line blenders. The brand is one of the top performers of the Euro Pro Operating LLC company, which specializes in the home appliance industry as well as in home cleaning solutions. Their current CEO, Mr. Mark Rosen is a third generation leader of the company, and has a history of innovative ideas, as his father and grandfather have both led the company. You can still see him on many of the infomercials on television these days.

The Ninja brand was created to offer a great value for consumers looking for top performing household appliances, without costing a fortune.

Ninja’s Product Line
Ninja Ultima Blender – Available for Fall 2013, this is the TOP new blender on theninja ultima market. The Ultima boasts 2.5 peak horsepower and 24,000 RPMs, with “dual stage blending” that will create either pulpy juices to fine sauces. Ice does not stand a chance against this machine either. Read more about the Ninja Ultima Blender.**
ninja frying system

Ninja Frying System – This frying system claims to cook food 40% faster and with 30% less fat than other fryers on the market. It uses “fusion heat technology” giving it the ability to cook food faster and with less fat. The fryer has a sleek design and clean up is a snap.

searious slow cookerNinja Searious Slow Cooker – Who needs to pan sear their dish prior to slow cooking? Not anymore. The Searious Slow Cooker does both in one appliance, making dishes and cleanup much easier. Like all of the other appliances, the slow cooker has a black matte finish and sleek design to make other cookers look… well, less Ninja!

Ninja Master Prep Processing Bowl – This food processor is a high quality device that will chop and blend foods at a fair price.

Ninja Master Prep Pro System – Take the Master Prep Processing bowl, and add a few more containers and splash guards and you have the Prep Pro system! If you are looking for more types of blending options with different size containers, this system will be to your liking.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse – This is simply a marvelous appliance. The Kitchen System Pulse acts as a food processor, blender, juicer, and mixer, all in one! This is a must-have for those seeking a healthy, active lifestyle. This appliance has a silver, metallic finish compared to the black finish of the other appliances in the brand.

master prepNinja Master Prep – This is a top of the line blender, at a reasonable price. The Master Prep is Great for basic blending of juices, veggies, mixing smoothies, and mixing sauces.

ninja cooking systemNinja Cooking System – The best way to explain this system is: Slow cooker meets steamer meets convection oven. This is a great all purpose tool for recipe aficionados who love a do it all appliance!

professional blenderNinja Professional Blender – If you are someone who loves to make healthy smoothie recipes, the Ninja Pro Blender is a great starter blender to get you going. This blender contains a 72 oz. pitcher and powerful 1000 watt motor that will blend all of your drinks, smoothies, and bar drink recipes. The control panel display shows three speeds and a pulse mode for light blending and chopping. If you are looking for a tough blender that can handle ice crushing, as well as an everyday blender that will make delicious and healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies, the Ninja XL will get the job done in seconds.

Other Important Info About Ninja Blenders

These blenders feature a unique cord storage built into the base so that you can keep you countertops clutter free. Also, the base features a non-slip feature to keep the appliance from slipping and sliding on your counters.

As compared to other blenders on the market like the Vitamix for example, these blenders range from 1000 watts of power (and up) for a lower price. Most blenders in this price range (about $100 USD) will not be able to handle frozen fruits and crush ice with the same effectiveness. If you plan on spending in this price range, the Ninja Pro Blender or Ultima will not let you down.

You can expect your blends to come out frothy and smooth after about 20-40 seconds, compared to competitors’ models (Blendtec and Vitamix) which will not puree the frozen fruits as well. These Ninja models feature the “Ninja 6 Blade” technology which is able to turn ice cubes to snow in a matter of seconds.

When it comes to cleanup, you can either rinse with warm water and a dollop of dish soap, or you have the option of removing the blades and placing the container in your dishwasher.

What About Ninja’s Customer Service?
Ninja Kitchen and their products offer an awesome return policy. When you get any of their products, you can usually get a full refund of the purchase price within 60 days of purchase, with no questions asked. This does apply however to those consumers in the USA and Canada.
Anything Else I Need to Know About the Ninja Blender and Appliance Line?
The great thing we learned about using Ninja products is that they come with awesome recipes for each of their devices! For instance, when looking at the Ninja Ultima, there are many new smoothies that we were able to make. And we should also mention that they were much easier to make with this blender than with others, simply because of the new blade technology.
Ninja products are pretty much available everywhere, but you can typically get the best deals online at retailers like Amazon. Most customers end up getting the products from Amazon and other retailers because more often than not, you can receive free shipping or get steep discounts from ordering a few different products.


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Ninja Blender Is A Favorite Option for Weight Loss

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In the following informercial video, we learn how the Ninja Blender can make weight loss fun and easy!

Here is a special offer right from the manufacturer on how to get the Ninja Kitchen Blender delivered right to your door:

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